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EHR and eMAR Software for Senior Living and Resident Engagement

Our EHR software offers a range of robust features designed to enhance the management of resident care in senior communities.

Explore the key features that make Senior Insight EHR a leading choice for senior care providers.

EHR Software | eMar Software

Resident Management

Effectively manage resident information, medical histories, allergies, and medication profiles with Senior Insight EHR.

Care Plans and Assessments

Create and maintain individualized care plans and assessments based on resident needs, tracking progress and ensuring appropriate care interventions.

EHR Software | eMar Software
EHR Software | eMar Software

Medication Management and eMAR (pharmacy integration)

Streamline medication administration processes with Senior Insight EHR, including medication orders, schedules, dosage tracking, and medication reconciliation.

Documentation and Alert Charting

Efficiently document resident encounters, assessments, treatments, and observations in real time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date documentation.

EHR Software | eMar Software
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Fax Communication and Secure Messaging

Facilitate secure and efficient communication among staff members using the internal messaging feature of Senior Insight EHR.

CRM and Engagement

CRM functionality enables efficient management of pre-move-in prospects. Easily capture and store information about potential residents, including their preferences, contact details, and required services.

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Document Management (eDMS)

eDMS allows users to conveniently scan, save, and upload documents, such as resident forms, contracts, and assessments. Additionally, you can save received faxes for future reference. This feature ensures easy access to important documents and promotes efficient information sharing among staff members.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify financial operations, including capturing charges, generating invoices, recording payments, and tracking reimbursements using Senior Insight EHR.

EHR Software | eMar Software
EHR Software | eMar Software

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into resident care, operational performance, and compliance through comprehensive reporting and analytics features of Senior Insight EHR.

Integration and Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate Senior Insight EHR with other systems such as pharmacy management or health care systems, enabling a comprehensive view of resident health information.

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EHR Software | eMar Software

HIPAA Compliance and Security

Trust in the highest standards of data security and compliance with Senior Insight EHR, including access controls, encryption, audit logs, and regular data backups.

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